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A little introduction on who we are. I (cath) am the one writing most, no in fact all of the posts:) I am a registered nurse and I am currently doing my degree in translation. So I am full time at work and part time at Univeristy. Dan is the handy man. He graduated in 2009 and he opened his own business. He is a fabulous designer specializing in designing bathroom, kitchen and walking closet. Since he is such a handy guy he is doing most of the fixing on our 42 foot sailboat. We bought White Pearl october 2009 in San Francisco. She is beautiful and needed some lovin. She is a 42 feet aluminum cutter built in 1983. She is a bluewater sailing vessel. Having crossed many oceans before us and she's proven her worth. We live 6 months on the boat during the Summer months. We simply love it. Living aboard is just fantastic, we sail whenever we want and enjoy the water and the nature. It's awesome. We are currently working hard and putting money aside so we can leave one day to live our dream: sailing around the world with our sailboat.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Post sailing season lull...

Summer has gone by, Fall is apparently now, but it feels more like Winter. (Snow storm in November, freezing rain in November...) should I say more?

We finally got the boat shrink wrapped yesterday, just on time for the freezing rain.
We are settled into our Winter residence, the newly fixed furnace is providing great heat!
Our condo is still not sold... one year later... Still nothing...
I try to stay positive, but it's getting harder and harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel!
We have to keep faith and hope for the best...soon!

The dream is still alive and we are working hard at moving forward. We have plans for new sails on time for the sailing season in the Spring. We are still discussing new ports and hatches with a company out of Vancouver, B.C. and we keep planning for different routes down South.

I am still trying to develop a network of potential clients for my translation business. It is much harder then I thought. I have been working in Health Care all my adult life and now I am suppose to switch to the linguistic world... Not an easy transfer!

Ah well! My mom always said that when things come easy we dont appreciate them as much as when we actually work hard to get them. I do believe she is right and that her words of wisdom have made me a hard worker and provided me with a strong work ethic. However, on occasion, I would like for certain things to come easy... LOL!

Old pics of Dan on our first  year with the boat!!! I found them on an old USB key and I thought it would be fun to post them...

Picture of me on our friends Stephane and Pascale's boat this summer getting a visit from their friends on their hydroplane. Super fun... We are thinking of you guys, sailing in the BVI's as we speak!!! :-)

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Bermuda 2016... sequel!

I finally found the time to download the pictures from my camera and I thought it would be nice to post them as well...

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bermuda 2016!

I do wish to apologize to my readers for the delay between my recent posts. (Or not so recent...)

Fall has been busier than I expected and to be completely honest, I didn't want to write just to write. I like to have something interesting to share with you.

Dan and I have recently come back from a trip to Bermuda. This beautiful island, in the Atlantic Ocean, offered us rest and relaxation. We were delighted to spend some time there to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary!

We started thinking about a way to celebrate such a milestone and we decided to fly away for one week and enjoy some beautiful weather on this old British colony. Leave our worries behind, the busy..ness of life and the chaos that usually befalls on us during that time of year!!!

We were very blessed during our time there, not a drop of rain, 25 degree weather everyday and sunshine... plenty of sunshine!

Two weeks before our departure, we worried that Hurricane Nicole would bring havoc on the island and force us to change our plan. Fortunately, Bermuda has very strict construction rules and the houses are very sound. During our time there, we did look for signs of Nicole's devastation and found very little. The leaves were a bit brown from the salty spray and some of the trees did loose some of their branches, but the building were all standing and the beaches were as beautiful as ever:-)