Airmaxx wind generator.

When we started thinking of traveling extensively with the boat, we were obviously thinking of autonomy, off the grid options and power consumption.
We try to be mindful of our energy usage and switched all our lights to LED, my computer runs on a juice box converter to 12 volts, most of the instruments are low consumption as well.
Like I mentioned on a previous post, this Summer was our first summer off the grid. We mostly used the Solar panels to recharge the batteries and they did quite well.
However, a couple of years ago we had purchased along with our Water maker, a wind generator.  We finally got around to installing it this Summer and were looking forward to see how well it would perform.
Dan had done a lot of research on the various type of wind generators and we were obviously looking for a high output quiet and effective one. 
The Airmaxx came on our radar and we did some research on it. It had good reviews so we decided to add it to our shopping list. 

Fall and what comes with it!


Since when that is a problem? Well it was a problem last Sunday when the heavens opened up and let about 100mm of rain, in 24 hours, pour down on us, mere humans...

I am only grateful that the boat was shrink wrapped, thanks to our new company that offered us great price and prompt service. Thanks Karl.

The boat was all finished one hour before the rain started. You got to be grateful for timing right?
Now, she is all safe and dry for the Winter.

We are now landlubbers and working hard so we can move ahead with the latest and hopefully some of the last projects.

Changing the portholes is actually at the top of the list. We felt quite embarrassed to tell our shrink wrapping expert that despite the fact that she is a boat, she ain't waterproof...
Poor 'ole girl. Soon, we are hoping, we can replace the old portholes and give her a facelift...

Beautiful September...

Our Summer was a beautiful mix of rain, clouds, wind and unpredictability...
The Summer with the most storms recorded in Ottawa (42)!
A Summer with the best water level ever.
Our first Summer off the grid with the sun and wind as our main source of energy.
A Summer where Dan didn't have to bucket off the mud from the chain and anchor.
A Summer of firsts and a time to reflect on what we have accomplish so far and clarify our goals.

June, July and August might have been unpredictable and a little chaotic but September was the cherry on top of the sundae. It barely rain a drop, beautiful night skies and crisp air, no humidity, full moon and warm water. It's like He knew we needed a break from all the rain and the weird weather...
It's like He knew that we needed the sun to shine on us a little longer. It's like He knew... a wink from above.

I'm glad to report that we had a fantastic time on the water during the many days spent enjoying the wind filling our sails and …

They call it an act of God...

For the past month, we have been bombarded with pictures of utter destruction from Hurricane Irma and Maria and their paths of pain and sorrow throughout the Caribbean.

We, as Canadians, have been sending resources to help rebuild the flattened houses and the power lines ripped to shred. Our military guys are down there to restore communication and help get them back and running. We all have been watching the pictures and videos from the people that survived the incredibly strong and violent winds from those two categories 5 Hurricanes.

We have been thanking God for the fact that Canada is mostly spared this kind of damage. We are familiar with terrible snow storms that bury houses and make the roads impossible to drive on, but other than that we live a pretty quiet life.

This Spring, Ottawa has been hit with flooding and the damage was extensive however, there was no loss of lives and the community rallied to help each other. By August, it was almost part of the past. A good story t…

Wash down pump install.

Dan seemed to be on the roll to accomplish various projects around the boat. 2 weeks ago, he decided to complete one project that's been pushed back so many times.

First, because it involved some welding work.
Second, because it involved working in a very tight space.
Third, because it involved plumbing and making holes in the hull !!

However, it needed to be done, we had purchased everything for it and it was only a matter of committing to the project itself.

At anchor, on a cloudy day, Dan started working on this messy and tedious project of installing a wash down pump so he could clean his anchor chain and anchor. He has been bucketing the sh!t out of it for the past 7 years, building muscles and looking good doing it! Nevertheless, it was time for a bit of technology.

Let's be realistic here, when you drop 150 feet of chain in a muddy bottom, inevitably, it comes back up full of mock. The cleaning process involves a lot of muscle work and a dirty deck for sub-optimal resu…

Turtles in danger in Ontario

I know this is suppose to be a sailing blog, but turtles are a marine reptile and we share the water with these amazing creatures, so I thought I would share a little story with you.

I don't know much about turtles other than they carry diseases, they live for a long time and are in danger of extinction in many parts of the world. They do look kind of cool with their carapace (shell).
Around where we live, the snapping turtles are quite popular and we can find them crossing the streets or on the grass munching on some green leaf. They are quite innocent, but they can "snap" at you if they feel threatened. They are a regular site around our body of water and we see them every year, roaming around, at turtle speed... meaning slow!

On Sunday night, Dan and I were enjoying a stroll around the Club while we had a break in the rain and out of the blue, we hear a loud bang! It sounded like a rock had been thrown or had fallen from quite the height. Looking around us, there was…