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A little introduction on who we are. I (cath) am the one writing most, no in fact all of the posts:) I am a registered nurse and I am currently doing my degree in translation. So I am full time at work and part time at Univeristy. Dan is the handy man. He graduated in 2009 and he opened his own business. He is a fabulous designer specializing in designing bathroom, kitchen and walking closet. Since he is such a handy guy he is doing most of the fixing on our 42 foot sailboat. We bought White Pearl october 2009 in San Francisco. She is beautiful and needed some lovin. She is a 42 feet aluminum cutter built in 1983. She is a bluewater sailing vessel. Having crossed many oceans before us and she's proven her worth. We live 6 months on the boat during the Summer months. We simply love it. Living aboard is just fantastic, we sail whenever we want and enjoy the water and the nature. It's awesome. We are currently working hard and putting money aside so we can leave one day to live our dream: sailing around the world with our sailboat.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Saying Goodbye!

It is October now and we are saying goodbye to our sailing season in Eastern Canada (Ontario!!)

Every year I say the same thing, I complain that it is too short and that we cannot wait to embark on our journey. I am very tempted to do the same once again, but you know what, I wont.

It is life and thank God, we had an amazing season. It started early (May) with temperature soaring to 35 degrees (usually averaging 12-20 degrees) and lasted well into October. (Now) LOL...

We had a ton of wind all throughout the summer and were blessed with lots of clear skies and beautiful moons!

We practiced leaving anchor under sail, sailing at night, our cutter sail in 24 knots of wind (with the jib and full main!) Great fun !! BTW...

Every time we go out sailing, I find myself, I discover my many weaknesses, the ones I have been trying to ignore for years and the ones that resurface with a roar...
However, I also discover some strengths and I amaze myself with knowledge I didn't know I had!

What a great learning experience and an Amazing life we have the opportunity to live!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Early Morning Fog!

September long weekend, we were are a little nostalgic, the sailing season in Ontario is rapidly coming to an end...

What a beautiful three days though, no rain, no wind and not even one cloud in the clear blue sky. It was by far the best weather we have had all season.

Our summer was great, don't get me wrong, but the threat of violent thunderstorms and the humidity at 99% basically every day and Environment Canada posting HEAT WARNING all summer long with a soaring average ambiant temperature of 40 degrees, was not comparable to the dry air, cool night and beautiful days of that end of summer weekend!

The only down side was the lack of wind, but it was not really a big issue since our sailing season has been marked by significant wind, pretty much every day...

Labour Day Monday, 06:00 in the morning, I hear the sound of a chain being lifted and it wakes me. We are anchored in a quiet anchorage with about 15 other boats. The silence and the quietness of this peaceful morning is quite unsettling... The classic chain against the bow roller is a familiar sound and out of curiosity, I have a look through the hatch.

Other than the sailboat leaving early before the rush, I realize that we are completely enveloped in a thick morning fog slowly lifting from the water. The swirls of white puff are moving graciously across the water and the scene is quite breathtaking. I cannot help myself, I run back down to our aft cabin and wake Dan up. He is not a morning person, but for nature's spectacle, he will make an effort!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Friends and crew!

Last weekend was a great experience for us. We had our good friends and potential passage maker crew Kate and Phil on board to help us with setting up the cutter stay. Our sailboat is a cutter, but since we are on the river and tacking is a way of life for us and it isn't very convenient to have it on and walk the sail around the stay every 5- 10 minutes, we had never rigged the cutter sail on it. We were curious to tune up the sails and trial different things. Since the weather and especially the wind is so unpredictable around here, we were glad to have them on board for this.

Unfortunately, we were plagued with a no show from the wind the whole weekend and were only able to sail in 8-10 knots of wind. In a way, it was really good since we were able to tune up the sail and try different options on it. Overall, still a success!

Nevertheless, we had a blast with them and enjoyed good food and very nice wine at anchor and discussed the value of friendship :-)

When considering doing passages on the ocean, we are not fooling ourselves in thinking that it will be a piece of cake and completely manageable just the two of us. We are certainly considering having a crew to help us share the load.